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Taranaki Community Update: Mangahewa News – June 2021

This is my first community update since joining Todd Energy in January, and it’s certainly been a busy time – both for me in the role of CEO and also for the wider Todd team. I hope this update finds you and your families well as we move into the winter months.

Last month, we completed our scheduled drilling activities at the Mangahewa G wellsite in north Taranaki, bringing the second phase of development to a close. As some of our neighbours may have noticed, Todd’s ‘Big Ben’ drilling rig has already been demobilised and relocated to our Kapuni J wellsite in south Taranaki. Our well entry team are now onsite at Mangahewa G and are currently undertaking well stimulation and testing activities.

Following its relocation, the ‘Big Ben’ drilling rig has been erected at Todd’s Kapuni J wellsite off Palmer Road, and is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance in preparation for us to commence the drilling of four new wells in September. Drilling activities at the site are currently expected to take five to six months to complete.

In preparation for the additional natural gas flow following drilling at Todd’s Kapuni J wellsite, we are currently drilling an additional produced water well at the KA9/16 wellsite located on Lower Duthie Road. This produced water well will be drilled using the Webster ‘Nova-1’ drilling rig, and is scheduled to commence in June.

All of this work that we do is to help provide an affordable and reliable energy supply to all New Zealanders as we transition to a low emissions economy. We are actively finding ways to reduce our emissions and, while this will remain an ongoing journey, through our initiatives we were able to reduce our emissions by 660 tCO2 / year in 2020 – the equivalent of taking 144 cars off the road. On top of that, through the various projects we’re implementing this year, we will be able to further reduce our emissions by 4,500 tCO2 / year – the equivalent of taking almost 1,000 cars off the road. You can find out more about our efforts to reduce our emissions in this update, and I look forward to sharing more on this topic over the coming months.

Finally, I would just like to assure you all of my commitment to ensuring our community members remain informed about Todd Energy’s operations. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our activities, please contact the community team on 0800 001 007.

Kind regards,

Taranaki Community Update

Issue 29 | June 2021
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