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Taranaki Community Update: Mangahewa News – February

Operations have been fairly busy since our last newsletter. We have begun work on the McKee Mangahewa office facility which will see a contemporary building become home for the Plant control room and production operators in 2018.

The Mangahewa Compression project at the Production Station continues to make steady progress. These units add mechanical compression into the

Mangahewa well and pipeline network, allowing Todd to produce from the lower pressure wells in the field.

The Mangahewa C well entry campaign has been a successful endeavour and the next phase at Mangahewa D is

due to begin towards the end of March. Both sites are having new zones hydraulic fractured in two existing wells. Conducting this operation improves well performance for effective gas recovery from the reservoir.

The McKee Mangahewa Seismic Survey is progressing well and I would like to thank the whole community for their patience with the increase in traffic on the roads and land access requirements. The drilling phase of the survey is 90% complete and vehicle movements will reduce at the end of February. Details on the remaining phases are available overleaf.

With simultaneous projects underway it’s great to have multiple local contractors working with us to deliver efficient projects and taking measures

to minimise community disruption. Todd contractors are briefed on how we expect them to operate within the community when working on our projects.

We always appreciate feedback from the community and we have  recently

received some positive feedback from the land access for the seismic survey.

As always with our operational activities, please contact the Community Team (Sam or Nik) on 0800 001 007 if you have any questions or concerns.

Taranaki Community Update

Issue 13, February 2017

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