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Contribution to the economy


Contribution to the economy

Todd Energy is a major and growing contributor to the Taranaki and the national economy. In conjunction with our retail brand, Nova Energy,  we meet the energy needs of a large number of New Zealand households and businesses, employ many New Zealanders and make a substantial contribution to GDP.  

Todd Energy and our retail brand, Nova Energy, supply electricity and natural gas to many thousands of households and businesses around New Zealand, ensuring ready access to affordable, reliable, safe, clean energy.

A reliable supply of natural gas from our Mangahewa field has enabled Methanex to restart the second methanol train at its Motunui facility, north of New Plymouth.

Todd Energy employs staff from a wide range of professions, including hydrocarbon exploration, accounting, law, and energy trading. We also engage many specialist contractors, including specialist services providers, builders, engineers and truck drivers.

Nationally the hydrocarbon sector contributes over $2 billion to GDP annually and provides over 7,000 jobs. The government receives over 400 million in royalty payments from the sector; company and other taxes add to these figures significantly.