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Todd Energy Rescue

Todd Energy Rescue

Todd Energy is a major partner of Coastguard Taranaki’s new state-of-the-art rescue vessel – ‘Todd Energy Rescue’.

This is an important partnership for Todd Energy as we are very serious about health and safety in the community and to contributing to water safety in Taranaki.

Many in the region enjoy boating and sailing, and a modern Coastguard service helps ensure everyone can enjoy these pastimes safely. Taranaki Coastguard does a fantastic job of this and Todd Energy is proud to be associated with them.

The 11.7 metre vessel was built in Whanganui by AMF Boat Company. Once completed, the vessel went through extensive sea trials which it passed with flying colours.

Todd Energy Rescue is capable of handling extremely heavy seas and can be safely operated in waves of up to seven metres in height. Its top speed is 38 knots.  It takes only 90 minutes for the vessel to travel from Port Taranaki to Mokau. By comparison, the old rescue vessel took five hours to travel the same journey.

Todd Energy has also sponsored the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre since 2006. We hope that our Todd Energy Aquatic Centre sponsorship alongside our partnership with Coastguard Taranaki underscores our deep commitment to contributing to water and maritime safety in Taranaki.