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WOMAD – International Music Festival


Since 2003 Todd Energy has been a major partner of WOMAD (World of Music, Arts & Dance) which takes place in New Plymouth every year.

The WOMAD festival for Todd Energy is not only about music and dance; it’s also the enthusiasm, aspiration that this opportunity creates for the community.

There is an excellent line up of performers and artists, including culinary and cultural experiences from all corners of the world.

With a population of less than 60,000 people, New Plymouth is the smallest city in the world to host WOMAD. The next smallest city that hosts the event is Adelaide, Australia; home to 1.2 million people.   Therefore as WOMAD reaches its eleventh year in New Plymouth, we are proud to have been a part of the WOMAD story – a story that has seen a small city take on a major international festival and make it an amazing experience for all who attend. We are delighted to be a long-term partner of this event bringing benefit to the local region and our community.

Detailed information is available on the WOMAD website.