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Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben, Todd Energy’s purpose-built onshore drilling rig, is a $42 million, 450 tonne Bentec Euro 450t AC Triple Land Rig.  

Purchased in 2013, Big Ben is an important part of our business strategy, enabling us to reduce well costs, to drill wells cost-effectively, and to reduce our footprint and impact on the community.

Big Ben is the best and most suitable rig of its kind for operating in rural communities. The rig design evolved for the European market where proximity to neighbours and narrow rural roads, are experienced.

Big Ben specifications

‘Quiet’ design – maximum 45 dB at 350m: Residential ambient noise is 40 dB an average office environment is 50 dB.

Small footprint – 45m by 66m: Versatile and compact design allows for easier reoccupation of existing locations and reduces land required for new locations, so minimising disturbance.

Fuel efficient

Highly mobile: ‘Rig walking’ system to allow drilling of multiple wells at one location, reducing the total number of sites needed (see video below). Transporting from site to site requires only 80 rig loads, none of which are oversized, facilitating shorter, more efficient moves to minimize traffic and disturbance.

Safety: Modern mechanised equipment for increased hands-free operation, with a range of hydraulic equipment including a catwalk system, power slips and hoisting elevators.

Efficient, quieter gear-driven pumps: The 3 Bentec 1,600 HP pumps are more compact and include an added noise reduction package.

Low non-productive time < 1%.