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Permit to Work

Permit to Work

The Permit to Work system is used at Todd sites to provide a work management structure which assists to protect people, assets and the environment through Control, Communication, Co-operation and Co-ordination, when work is carried out. It is a formally documented process used to manage work that is identified as significantly hazardous, by making sure all safety measures are in place before work starts.

Cold Work Checklists

Checklist 42 – Test Run Motors, Engines and Equipment

Checklist 44 – High Voltage 11KV Electrical Switching

Checklist 45 – Work Inside Any Confined Space Tank or Vessel

Checklist 46 – Use of Breathing Apparatus (BA) for Non-Respirable Atmospheres

Checklist 47 – Removal of Handrails, Gratings, Hatches and Fixed Ladders

Checklist 48 – Spraying, Cleaning and Treating Operations Using Hazardous Chemicals

Checklist 49 – Working with Nitrogen

Checklist 50 – Working on, or isolation of, Emergency, Safety Systems (including IPF Checks)

Checklist 51 – Work at Height

Checklist 53 – Pressure Testing of Plant and Equipment

Checklist 55 – Erection or Dismantling of Scaffolding

Checklist 56 – Work Involving the Use of Personnel Work Baskets or Man Riding Winches

Checklist 57 – General Rigging and Lifting Work (other than cranes)

Checklist 58 – Safe Handling of Compressed Gases

Checklist 59 – Making and Breaking Flanges and Bleeding Down Vessels Containing Hazardous Fluids to Drains or Atmosphere

Checklist 61 – Flare Stack Compound Access

Checklist 69 – Insulation

Checklist 70 – Use of Air, Hydraulic Powered Equipment

Checklist 71 – Abseiling

Checklist 76 – Fill Empty Drums, Transportables and Tankers

Checklist 77 – Breaking into Systems Containing Ethyl Mercaptan

Checklist 84 – Access to Remote Valve Stations and Pipeline Crossing Enclosures

Checklist 86 – Cutting of Pipework

Checklist 87 – Working On, Or Monitoring a Process Control System

Checklist 88 – Prevention of Dropped Objects from Height

Checklist 89 – Non CSE Cellar Entry


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Checklist 00 – Toolbox Meetings

JHA – Job Hazard Analysis – this link will download a word document to your device

BeSafe Training Matrix – this link will download an Excel document to your device