100% New Zealand owned and operated

Joint ventures

Joint ventures

Todd Energy is New Zealand’s largest domestically-owned petroleum exploration and production company and as a major producer, we are adding to New Zealand’s impressive growth in domestic oil and natural gas production.

In conjunction with various joint venture partners, Todd Energy has ownership of a number of facilities that are responsible for over 75% of New Zealand’s hydrocarbon energy production. We currently employ over 200 people in the ‘Upstream’ business. Our interests include major oil and natural gas fields currently operating in New Zealand –  McKee, Mangahewa, Maui, Kapuni, and Pohokura.

Our mission is to find and produce hydrocarbons using superior capabilities and industry knowledge and to maintain our reputation as one of New Zealand’s premier operators through our commitment to value creation, creativity and excellence.

In addition to taking on production operations for the first time in 2006 at McKee and Mangahewa, Todd Energy is committed to expanding its resource and reserve base and developing new exploration and production business opportunities through the active acquisition of seismic data, drilling and the development of our entire portfolio.


The Pohokura Field is located in the Taranaki Basin immediately offshore from Motunui (Waitara) in permit 38154.

Field history

The Field was first discovered in February 2000 with the drilling (by Fletcher Challenge Energy) of Pohokura-01 well 4.6 kilometres offshore in 30 metres of water. This well was followed by Pohokura-02 in May/June 2000. Analysis of tests from both wells confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in commercial quantities.

These first two wells were later followed by Pohokura-03 and Pohokura South-01B to further appraise the field and improve the subsurface understanding.

In 2001 Fletcher Challenge Energy’s assets were acquired by Shell Petroleum Mining. The Field is owned and operated by a joint venture partnership comprising Shell Exploration NZ (48%); OMV New Zealand Ltd (26%); and Todd Pohokura Ltd (26%).

Field facilities

First commercial natural gas flowed in August 2006 from 3 onshore extended reach drilling (ERD) wells in the southern part of the field. In March 2007 gas and condensate flowed from the first of offshore wells. 5 wells produce from the offshore PPB platform which produces to shore via a 9km subsea pipeline. Both the offshore platform and onshore production plant are unmanned, controlled via a control room in New Plymouth which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The finished product is delivered to the market from the production station by way of two sets of pipelines owned by Todd Energy and Shell/OMV for both gas and condensate.

A natural gas re-injection (GRI) project was completed in 2012 and become operational later that year. This project accelerated condensate production and improved the gas and condensate ultimate recoveries. In early 2013 a single stage gas re-injection compressor was commissioned with a capacity of 55 TJ/d.


The Maui field is located 35 kms off the Taranaki coastline. The field comprises two production platforms, Maui A and Maui B.

Field history

The Maui natural gas field was discovered in 1969 and was considered a mega field for its time. A joint venture consisting of Shell, BP and Todd Petroleum was responsible for the discovery and development.

Due to the size and cost of the development, government investment was sought which resulted in a government entity (later PetroCorp) taking a 50% interest in the project. Fletcher Challenge Energy later purchased this entity from the government.

Full production from Maui A began in 1979, with 14 wells drilled from the platform in a water depth of 110m (a deep water platform for its time).

Maui B was installed in 1992 to allow full drainage of hydrocarbons from the southern part of the field.

Oil was discovered in deeper reservoirs below the natural gas sands in 1993. The FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading) Whakaaropai was installed in 1996 and produced until decommissioning in 2006.

In 2001, Shell bought Fletcher Challenge Energy and sold 10% of Maui to OMV New Zealand Ltd. Todd has a 6.25% interest in the field.

Field facilities

The field facilities are effectively split in four areas. These consist of:

The Maui B platform situated 15 km from the Maui A platform, in 103 m water depth. This platform is designed to be unmanned and remotely operated from Maui A. Maui B is connected to Maui A via an undersea pipeline through which natural gas and condensate are transported to Maui A for initial processing. A total of 12 wells, and a number of sidetracks have been drilled on Maui B.

The Maui A platform sits in 110 m of water, 35 kms off the Taranaki coast. Subsea condensate and gas pipelines connect Maui A to the shore based processing plant at Oaonui, where gas and condensate are processed after having gone through cooling and water separation plants on Maui A.

Maui Production Station onshore at Oaonui, where processing and treatment of natural gas occurs to bring it to pipeline specifications. Condensate is also treated and split into enhanced condensate and naphtha. LPG is removed and sold as either LPG mix or butane for export.

Paritutu Tank Farm is located at the port of New Plymouth. Processed condensate and associated products are stored here before shipping overseas or to the refinery at Marsden Point.